Cambodia and Brunei are buddies when it comes to tourism. They want to work together more and more, not only with each other, but also with the rest of ASEAN. They think tourism is a great way to connect people, cultures, and economies.

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That’s what they said when Sok Soken, the big boss of tourism in Cambodia, met Pengiran Kasmirhan Pengiran Tahir, the Brunei envoy to Cambodia, on January 17, 2024. They had a nice chat at the tourism office and talked about how to make tourism better and bigger for both countries.

They agreed that tourism is super important for their development and friendship. They promised to keep supporting each other and cooperate more in the region.

Soken also showed off his new plan for Cambodia’s tourism sector. He called it “Increase 5 and Develop 3 (BUILD + 3Ds)”. It sounds cool, right? It’s all about making Cambodia a fun, attractive, green, and fair place to visit.

They also remembered the time when the king of Brunei came to Cambodia on November 14, 2022. They had a good time then and decided to boost tourism in both countries.

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