The first Turkish language class for Brunei’s defense staff kicked off in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital city. The class is a joint effort by Türkiye’s embassy and the Yunus Emre Institute, a cultural organization from Türkiye.

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The Turkish ambassador, Hamit Ersoy, was super excited to see the enthusiasm for learning Turkish in Brunei. He said that this shows how curious and open-minded the people are about Türkiye and its amazing history and culture. He also said that this was a big deal for the embassy, as it was the first time they worked with the Brunei Defense Ministry on something like this.

He added that learning Turkish would open up new opportunities for education and cultural exchange between the two countries.

The class is taught by Lale Ersoy, who works for the Yunus Emre Institute in Brunei. She is doing this as a volunteer, which is awesome. The Brunei Defense Ministry is the 10th place in Brunei to have Turkish language classes, thanks to her.

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